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Domestic Abuse – The Facts

  • Domestic abuse includes rape and murder.

  • Domestic abuse is a human rights violation.

  • One in four women will experience domestic abuse.

  • Domestic abuse affects women of all ages, from young teenagers to women in their 80s and 90s.

  • Over 30% of domestic abuse starts during pregnancy.

  • Domestic abuse is a repeat crime that increases in frequency and severity over time.

  • Women are on average assaulted 35 times before they seek help.

  • It is estimated that 32,000 children are living with domestic abuse in Northern Ireland (UNICEF 2006).

  • Domestic abuse is estimated to cost the Northern Ireland economy £180 million per year

Woman's Aid provide confidential support, information and emergency accommodation for women and children affected by domestic abuse

متخصصان پزشکی در حال حاضر بیش از هر زمان دیگری تشخیص می دهند که سلامت روان و رفاه دغدغه اصلی بسیاری از مردم است.  ما در زیر تعدادی پیوند به سایت هایی ارائه کرده ایم که کمک و منابعی را ارائه می دهند که ممکن است مفید باشد.

(لطفاً توجه داشته باشید که با کلیک بر روی هر یک از این پیوندها، مجدداً به یک وب سایت خارجی هدایت می شوید که محتویات آن مسئولیتی بر عهده تمرین نیست)

Here to help

The Here2Help App provides quick access to advice and support services for anyone in crisis or needing help.  It contains details of local, not-for-profit organisations who can help with many issues such as mental health, addiction, housing and domestic abuse.

The App was created through a local initiative and developed by Noel McKee from East Antrim Counselling.  For further information and details on how to download the app to your smartphone please follow the following link:

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