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Covid 19 Autumn 2023 booster

These will be offered to all eligible patients alongside their Flu vaccination, during Autumn 2023.

Eligible groups include:

  • All patients aged 65+

  • Residents in Care Homes

  • Patients undergoing chemotherapy 

  • Those receiving hospital administered drugs which impair the immune system

  • Patients with household members that have severely impaired immune systems

  • Transplant patients

  • Those with no spleen

Please be advised we will only be able to vaccinate those who:


  • Are aged 18 & over

  • Are eligible for the vaccine as per Department of Health guidelines

A useful guide about Covid 19 vaccines has been developed by the Public Health Agency and is available in a variety of formats including BSL, ISL and for those who English is not the first language.  You can access this guide here

Full details, including information on eligibility and what to do for those under 18 is available on the NI Direct website or via the button below.








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